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    14 Einträge mit Interaction Design getaggt

    Erinnert mich an die Augmented Reality aus Rainbows End

    Interface Shopping Tour…

    gerade bestellt:

    MaKey MaKey
    Leap Motion 

    Für alle biertrinkenden Rockstars: Guitarpee - Unterhaltsamer als Fliegen und Fussball Tore im Urinal.

    Guitarpee (via Designboom)

    10 Minutes Left > Must read on iA Blog: Improving the Digital Reading Experience

    Nach Dave Malouf gibt es 8 Bereiche die ein gutes Interaction Design ausmachen: 

    1) Understanding: Do I know what to do, how to do it, and is the system response clear.

    2) Meaning: Are the functions of the system meaningful to me, my life and to my cultural context.

    3) Value: While this feels close to meaning, value implies an economy that meaning doesn’t require. Even if time & effort are the only currency of the system, there needs to be a perception of value for an interaction design to be good.

    4) Engagement: This has many components to it, but in the end the system has to be one brings me in on both a cognitive and an emotional level. But for me it is best described in having an element that pulls your attention, and can even increase your motivation for participation.

    5) Fit: While Meaning is very contextual, things that are meaningful don’t always fit against the other behaviors in our lives. It is important to fit on many levels, or if you are to disrupt, the disruption needs to use novelty in order to create a new “fit”. If you think to yourself, I can’t imagine ever not having done things this way before, it’s a good fit.

    6) Emotion: How you feel is going to make all the difference.

    7) Impact: Does the design meet not just the outcome goals, but the strategic impact goals that were set forth. Robert Fabricant (doesn’t seem to be on Quora) in his keynote at Interaction 09 available here: http://ixda.org/resources/robert…

    8) Responsiveness: Interactions need to be responsive. Yes, this is about performance, but it is also about appropriateness of the response. Not all responses can or have to be “fastest”. I can also imagine contexts where “delay” in response might be appropriate.

    Gesture Icons for Touchscreen, Körper und Mobile Phones (via IxD Gestures)

    Hooper Selection - iPad Keyboard Prototype (via Co.Design).

    Auch wenn es stellenweise wie schneller abgespielt wirkt, würde ich mich über eine Implementierung seitens Apple freuen.

    Listen Here - Stadtkarte mit Audioerweiterung. Bewohner können in ihrer Stadt Mikrofone verteilen, deren Aufnahmen Touristen auf einer Stadtkarte anhören können. Abschlussarbeit von Nicola Hume. Musste dabei an Andreas Bosshard und sein Buch Stadt hören - Klangspaziergänge in Zürich denken.

    Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich fertig ist das Mondgesicht der Slider. Sketching Interfaces mal anders. 


    ZeroN - Levitated Interaction Element by Jinha Lee at MIT Media Lab

    Science Beauty!